Litigral has everything you need to drive positive outcomes

Manage Direct Tax and Indirect Tax Litigations
with ease and efficiency


Litigral helps simplify tax dispute and resolution process,
so you can manage tax risks with confidence


Manage Open Matters

Track disputed items across years across stages of litigation

Manage data & documents

Maintain and safe keep tax data and documents centrally over years

Manage Litigation Process

Control the process by tracking due dates & deliverables, enable team collaboration

Manage Tax Position & Risks

Track tax refunds, demands & stay orders, make provisions, control tax risks


Focus on outcomes

Litigral automates litigation processes to help you focus on what really matters!

Accurate tax position

Litigral tracks disputed items across years and stage / jurisdiction and its perceived risk score / classification to provide accurate information about tax position, tax provision and tax risks!

Centralised data

Litigral captures and stores / maintains past tax data and related documents in a central repository to ensure that they are available for easy and ready access as and when required!

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