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Interactive Dashboard

Litigral provides a consice snapshot of all matters under litigation - across laws, across years, across stages and provides current status of tax osition in one smart dashboard. Dashboard is designed to be role specific and is interactive. So the CFO can get to the bottom of the matter within few clicks and the operational team can track their tasks and drive deliverables within due dates

Iamge Description
Iamge Description

Quick Start

Simply get started with the notice or the order you just received or the appeal you just filed. While there's a way to capture preceeding events and build a case history, litigral does not compel you to build one before you actually get started. Litigral provides the flexibility to start with the event on hand and build the case history later

Real-time reporting

Monitor current status of tax position - refunds, payables and inter-year adjustments - as also tax provisions made across laws, across years, across stages in real-time mode. No processing, no data dump or retrieval. System also lets you monitor and manage perceived tax risks in real-time mode with risk score changing as per changing tax jurisprudence

Iamge Description
Iamge Description

Extensive analysis

Tax disputes are often time-consuming and expensive. And yet, they are required when stakes are large having implications on disputes across years. Litigral helps you navigate through this by decision-making process by its smart analytics. Get insights that help you take right decisions. Litigral helps you analyse which kind of disputed items get allowed at which forum / jurisdiction and what are the defenses we should take

Configurable Work-flows

Tax laws are evolving and the government is working hard to minimise tax disputes pending in across department and appellate authorities. New rules will be framed and existing revised to facilitate speedy, easy and effective resolution. Litigral has been designed to handle such changes in the litigation process with its configurable work-flow and actionable engine. It would be configured to align to new framework with little tweaks in its configuration. No worry about changes ... and, no change in system

Iamge Description
Iamge Description

Automated Alerts, reminders

Tax litigaitons often involve a team of advisors, besides our own internal team members. And, given the significance, its often required that we keep the stake-holders involved and updated. This is what Litigral endevours to do by automating alters on every event and updates to the system and ensures timely reminders for the team to track and pursue deliverables. No more misses of deadlines, no more worries

Enterprise-wide >> Enterprise-wide / All-in-one / Across-Tax-Laws

Litigral is designed to work for Tax litigations under Direct as well as Indirect Tax laws. And while this itself is an exhaustive list with state-wise VAT and many other indirect tax laws that have got subsumed into GST, this also is not all you can do. Litigral, with suitable configuration, can also be used to cover tax litigaitons under local laws as well.

Iamge Description
Iamge Description

Organise Data

Litigral stores documents, submissions and working papers over the years making it easy to retrieve data in a matter of moments ...

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