Tax Litigations in India can be really challenging

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Tax litigation in India is a long-drawn process - often contested at multiple jurisdictions and across years. More often than not, records to track current status and next steps, tax position and tax risks are maintained using Excel worksheets. Documents are received from multiple stake-holders and are handled by different people at different points of time. It's not unusual to lose information due to lapse of time.

Tax litigation team maintains manual records to track variety of events, including hearing dates, last dates for filing appeals, date of expiry of stay etc. Inability or absence of team member managing this, can result in missing out on the deadlines with punitive consequences.

Further, lot of data needs to be collated and processed manually to generate tax position / risks reports for the Board, the Audotros and top management.

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CFO's perspective

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  • Easy way to track To Do tasks and Due dates
  • Get comprehensive view across all tax litigations
  • Accurate data on total tax exposure, tax position and tax liability
  • Information on tax provisioning and fair estimate of contingent liability
  • Ready access to data, documents, submissions filed and responses received
  • Real-time status of tax refunds, payables and adjustments done across years
  • Timely reminders to team mates and escalations for “near” overdue tasks

Enterprises exposed to large number of tax disputes need a solution to manage data, deliverables and deadlines and to monitor and minimize tax risks

Wide Coverage

Covers all Taxes

Litigral is primarily designed for Direct and Indirect taxes in India. This would include VAT, Service Tax and Central Excise and can be extended to cover local-level taxes as well.

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Covers all Events

Litigral records all events from notice to order including rectification application, stay applications, appeals, cross objections, tax adjustments across the year and risk based tax provisions for disputed issues

Team Collaboration

Internal Team members

Litigral helps team members share data and collaborate internally. System automated notifications and alerts keep team members upated on various developments across matters.

Counsel Engagement

Litigral facilitates providing online access to tax advisors / counsel engaged for managing disputed matters, bringing them on-board and enabling data sharing and effective collaboration.

Real-time Reporting

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Litigral provides multi-dimensional reports allowing users to view any report as desired - by year or by entity or by stage at which matter is being contested, etc.

Multi Currency

Litigral provides flexibility of generating most reports in multiple currency. This is relevant, especially for MNCs in India, sharing reports with their Head Office in their local currency.

Multi Entities

Litigral makes it possble to handle multiple legal entities in the same system, thereby making it easy for a business group to monitor and manage tax controversy and resolution process across the group.

Extensive Analysis

Issue Analysis

Analyze how a disputed issue has affected your various
clients over multiple years and how it has fared at various
tax authorities

Tax Analysis

Discover how income and therefore the tax have travelled over various stages of proceedings for your client with comparison over years

Risk Analysis

Identify level of risk for various disputed issues, modify over period of time or change in law, get comparative report for management analysis

Matter Analysis

Get complete stock of pending and completed matters for various client and period, get complete calendar of events and stage of pendency.

Facilitates On-time Response

Task Notifications

Instant email notification to the team member on assignment of task along with target date of completion.

Alerts & Reminders

In-built but configurable system to send reminder for approaching target date and alert on crossing the deadline.

Calender Notifications

Auto generates calendar for pending assignments of all team members, giving a bird's eye view of task pendencies


Auto-escalation mail to the reporting manager on member missing the target date set for completion of task.

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Cost Control & Analysis

Allows users to record expenses (along with documentary evidence) incurred on various activities and at various stages and keep a track of the same over number of periods and entities. This helps management to monitor out of pocket expenses incurred per entity per period and also results in easy & speedy claim of expenses reimbursement from clients.

Document Repository

Scan & Upload all supporting documents related to an event for future reference and for quick and easy retrieval, when required.

Drag & Drop

Uploading of documents is made very easy at Litigral. With easy to use facility called drag-n-drop, a user can select any document, single or multiple and upload to the system with just one mouse click. There are no restrictions on either type of document or number of documents or size of the documents.

Documents at a click

Once uploaded, each document is stored on the cloud and gets indexed in an orderly manner. This facilitates quick location of the document anytime, anywhere.

Quick search & Retrieval

Simple and advanced search parameters enables quick and easy search of uploaded documents and the searched document can be viewed within the system itself.

Automatic Folder Creation

All the documents gets properly indexed, based on the properties defined and is accordingly displayed in a automatically drawn tree-view hierarchy.

Cloud based Solution

No Installation

No Patch Updates

No Back-up

No Storage

24x7 Access

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